Sunday, 11 November 2012

The world of a toddler

Goodness, I had some laughs with my littlest one last night.  Once again, our pace of life was slow enough for her to experiment with the world and things around her.  Last night, she learned ways to transfer items from one place to another.

I was measuring out chick peas so I could soak them overnight.  She is my constant companion and was right by my side wanting to help.  Slowly, we poured the peas onto the scale.  Then, I was simply going to pour them out of the scale and into my bowl.  But Astrin is a helper and wanted to do it her way.

First was the one-at-a-time method.

Then she dug out a spoon and found out that they move from the scale to the bowl a wee bit faster.  Some also roll all over the floor.

Eventually, she dug through most of the items in our utensil drawer.  By the time she moved half of the peas, she was through with her experiments and onto other pursuits.  Still, it was interesting to step back and watch her mind make connections between actions and results.  Plus, in a little way, I think we validated to her that it is okay to do experiments in this house.

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