Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A first story

Lately, Jaelyn has been writing somewhat independently.  She knows what she wants to write, and we slowly go through the spelling of the various words.  Sometimes it's just a matter of saying the word slowly and asking her what sounds she hears, such as when we write "went" or "cat".  Other times it means we talk about special sounds that it takes more than one letter to make.  Last week she was writing beautiful poems for our homeschool co-op's holiday variety show (so we'll keep those under wraps for now).  This week she wrote her first story.  She has allowed me to publish it here in this space:

The Cat and the Pup, by Jaelyn Selinger

There was a cat and a pup.  The pup chased the cat.  The cat ran up the tree.  The pup is barking.  But the cat did not come.  The pup barking and barking.  The pup did not bark.  The pup went away but the cat did not come down the tree.  The cat owner went to the tree.  The cat owner went to the grocery.  The cat owner got a bag of cat food and set a bowl down.  The cat came down the tree.

So love that!

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