Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A trip to the vet

We've been making weekly trips to the vet for the last three weeks.  It turns out that our dog, Boomer, has an ulcer in his eye - ouch!  The weekly vet visits are to monitor its healing.  Unfortunately, it's taking longer than normal for his poor eye to heal.  So, he had a very quick and minor surgery today and is now sporting a new look.

As you may guess, he's feeling a little down right now.  He wasn't the most agile pooch to begin with, and he's even more clumsy now that he can't see (because of both his eye and the cone)!  So, there's lots of noise and things being knocked down (read:  two-year old) or knocked into (read:  this Mama's legs, the walls, the doors, anything that sticks out of a flat surface - take all the knobs on our drawers, for example).

All of these vet visits have been attended by my children.  They have had the opportunity to learn from someone other than me.  "Why are you putting that neon goop in his eye?"  "What does the blue light you're shining in his eye do?"  "What is an ulcer?" "What does that medication do?" - all questions patiently answered by our vet.

Today, the vet entered the world of play in our house.  Jaelyn fashioned herself some vet tools and set up shop in a small corner of our living room.  I brought in her stuffed animals for their annual check-up.  Her business is going so well in fact, that she is offering check-ups free of charge.

The lights had to be turned off so Jaelyn could look in Wolfie's eyes with her special blue light

Jaelyn checked his ears with a Q-tip to make sure they were clean
Jaelyn listened to Wolfert's heart beat with her home made stethoscope

Thank you Doctor Selinger!

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