Thursday, 22 November 2012

Club Day. The Nature Version.

Today Jaelyn had a friend over for Nature Club.  Two children (three including Nicholas) was just the perfect number for today's craft.  I was a little worried about logistics if there were more children, but it turns out everything works out the way it is supposed to in the end.

We made Blossom Bands from Maya Donenfeld's book, Reinvention.  This little craft leads to a pretty versatile end product - a Blossom Band could be a necklace, a headband, a way to dress up a wrapped gift, ornaments, or alien beings (as my son preferred).  We used the jersey we dyed with natural materials for the pompom and sewn flowers.  I also took a bit of a shortcut from the original instructions and used the waistband of some holey leggings for the jersey band. Since the girls really didn't want to wear them as headbands, we simply tied the the pompoms to the bands instead of sewing them.

We had a very brief chat about how this craft tied into our Club's love of all things nature.  Yes, we made flowers and flowers are in nature.  Yes, the material was dyed with natural materials (the green material even had a slight celery smell to it).  Then we talked about re-purposing items - that the shirts and bands we used were items that would otherwise go into the garbage, which would more quickly fill up our landfill.  If we can turn items that are broken in their current form into some other useful (or pretty thing), then we as a society don't need to use up as much space storing all those things we no longer have.

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