Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sweet, sweet 2

Our littlest one turned 2 today.  As I gave her a good-morning hug and a birthday kiss, I wondered if this last little one can remain a babe forever, or if she really does need to grow into a toddler.  I think back to when she was a year old, or the tiny little one I held in my arms, and my she has grown!  She speaks so well, observes the world around her so keenly, and fearlessly tries out new things. 

Many asked us for gift ideas, and I must say that this little one is hard to give ideas for.  We have a small box full of toys for her age group, and she politely ignores them in favour of other pursuits...reading (lots of this - yay!), songs and fingerplays, helping in the kitchen, trying on shoes from the closet while I fold laundry, colouring...just everyday living stuff.  I love that about her.

Yet I tried to make a few items that she could use or come to like eventually.  So did her siblings.  Jaelyn and Nicholas likely went with the right theme - they made her books (one a picture book and the other a comic-style book).  Nevertheless, all gifts that entered our house today arrived with love every step of the way, full of symbolism and our little twinkling star in mind.

Happy Birthday Astrin!

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