Sunday, 4 November 2012


Finally!  It snowed!  The clouds had been trying and trying for weeks, sputtering out little bits of snow and freezing rain, but still remaining in the sky with that dark grey hue that surely meant it wanted to let more fall to the ground.  Yesterday, the clouds finally opened up and dumped some real snow upon us.  Snow that remained to greet us this morning.

Along with the snow was the arrival of our firewood!  Finally!  We eagerly piled outside this morning for some snowy firsts - making snowball, shoveling, playing, and moving the wood to our empty woodshed. 

Skates were found and hockey sticks were purchased too - they are being cut and taped as we speak.  And to top it off?  The children found our stash of Christmas CD's and have been playing them nonstop.  I think we're ready for winter!

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