Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A heart-happy day

Today didn't start out as anything fact, I was suspicious that it would turn into a horrendous day, as all of the children were up early this morning!  Nevertheless, it shaped up to be a pleasant day...Jaelyn read a new book to me and we cuddled while a read a new book to her.  She also finished off a knitting project (but more on that tomorrow).  We went to our homeschool co-op and had a delightful time.  I gathered with some fine folks this evening to celebrate our achievements on pulling off a community festival this past September.

The special moments of today seemed to focus around Nicholas.  How he announced this morning that he would prefer to write poetry - limericks and haiku, mainly - for all his writing work.  He finished a poster about owls and endangered species that he has been working on for the last month and a bit.  He discovered at our homeschool co-op that he really likes to do high jump (as well as one can when a pole is suspended from two chairs and there really isn't a thick cushy mat to fall into).  On our way home he mentioned finding a track team to join.

Here's hoping you had a heart-happy day too!

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