Thursday, 18 October 2012

Cozy crafts

The two older children and I are knitting together, which is so much fun!  And it's perfect for these cool and dreary days, when it just feels right to cuddle up together and do something quiet.

I still classify myself as a beginner knitter, so it is a challenge to teach with words what to do.  I've already written about how my limited knowledge led to Jaelyn learning how to knit right-handed, despite being decidedly left-handed.  She has continued to motor through short, simple projects - she finished a necklace yesterday, including sewing on the button, and started a new one today.  Jaelyn, at the tender age of 6, is a much better knitter than I was at 26!  Here's her latest creation:

Working with Nicholas was quite a bit different.  I did very little to explain or describe what to do.  It was much easier for him to simply sit in my lap and watch what I did (though that growing boy fitting on my lap was a bit of a challenge).  And what do you know?  He caught on to casting on and the actual knitting right away.  In fact, he chose to relax before bed by knitting a couple of rows.

I've found that using thick yarn and big needles helps them finish a project quickly, which is gratifying in itself.  Plus, it lends itself to big holes, which gives us a couple of options for finishing the project - we can either sew the ends together or use a chunky button to give it a different look.  I've also found that it is best that I be doing my own project so that I don't hover.  That way, they feel relaxed and can see what happens on their own.  I am still close enough to do my best to help if the need arises.

And what is on my needles?  A winter hat that will find it's way into gift wrap for someone special.  The yarn (River Road Farm Cotswold yarn) and pattern (the Cabled Cotswold Hat), were a find while we were in Nova Scotia.  Our very last stop before heading to the airport was to Gaspereau Valley Fibres.  The children and I had such fun browsing, and such a tough time picking only one or two items to take home.

The hat project has been a learning experience for me too.  I've never had much to do with purl stitches (see!  I'm a total rookie!), and they were in abundance for this pattern.  The cables were new for me too, but a fun experience.  I think I've now moved up from "rookie" to "novice".


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