Friday, 26 October 2012

A week in pictures

Since misplacing the camera a few weeks ago, I've struggled to get into the habit of having it handy and snapping pictures left and right.  My stash of pictures to choose from is quite small.  I've decided to use words, in hopes that you can create some mental pictures of the highlights of our week...

  ~ watching geese land on the lake as they take a break from their trek south
  ~ playing tag amongst 6-foot high round bales, and while carrying my almost two-year-old!
  ~ baking oh-so-yummy food with all three of my little ones
  ~ listening to the banter between children during our club meetings
  ~ taking Jaelyn and Astrin to a Hallowe'en dance and bopping around with them
  ~ playing The Farming Game with Nicholas

Have a lovely weekend!

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