Monday, 8 October 2012

"Thankful-for's" ~ part III

We were bustling today preparing turkey dinner for our families who live nearby.  There was stuffing to make, a bird to clean and dress, potatoes to peel and cut, whipped cream to whip up, and pickles to cut.  We have much to be thankful for today...

  ~ family who brought smiles, good food and good company to share, and patience while our turkey finished roasting
  ~ my knight in shining armour who swept and scrubbed the floors, after doing load after load of dishes yesterday
  ~ knitting side-by-side with my daughter
  ~ grandparents who can talk my children's language
  ~ traditional dishes and those that are new to the table - both exceptionally scrumptious
  ~ many hands to make clean up a breeze
  ~ storytime at the end of the night

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!

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