Thursday, 16 May 2013


You know those evenings when you collapse at the end of the day, knowing your body is going to ache tomorrow but your still happy for the day that was?  That was my day today.  Amid carrying squirmy toddlers, visiting our local greenhouse, hauling pails of manure, picking weeds, raking dirt, and playing fastball against high-school girls, it was a full day.  As I put up my feet (my that feels good!) and eye up a bottle of wine, I feel content.

Content in the fact that we are on schedule in this garden-planting business - I'm feeling confident we'll get most of what we need to get done in the days ahead.  Content with the fact that we are giving back to the earth and it will reward us with its bounty.  Content with what the children have learned about the plants we grow, as they were the first to spot the plants we needed amongst all the variety at the greenhouse, and were the first to transplant them, with no help from me.  Content with the fact that though this body is getting older and isn't quite as resilient as it used to be, there is wisdom with age, and sometimes that's enough. 

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