Thursday, 2 May 2013

Club Day. The Nature Version.

It feels like we have been cooped up inside for so long that Nature Club just had to get outside.  So, our grand plan for today was to walk around the neighbourhood and look for signs of spring. 

At least that was the plan when I sent a little note out to parents on Sunday letting them know what we would be up to.  But then it snowed again on Tuesday, and I thought to myself that the only sign of spring we might see were sandbags lining the creek close to our house.

Luckily, fate has a way of intervening.  As I was making my way home from my morning jog, I spotted something sticking out of the ground where our lot meets the alley.  "What is that?" I thought to myself.  I didn't recall planting anything there in the fall, and I felt my heart drop at the thought of weeds thriving in our topsy-turvy weather.  As I crept closer, it looked familiar and too organized to be a weed.  It looked like garlic in fact.  Garlic that I had planted 2 autumns ago and I thought had died last summer, the cause of death being camouflaged and mistaken for overgrown grass!  What a lovely spring surprise!

Thinking my early morning spring encounter was merely a fluke, the children and I went on a hunt for spring things this morning - and were delightfully surprised to find all sorts of treasures making their way out of the ground and into the cheery sunshine!  Tulips topped the list, followed by daffodils.  There were even signs of the grass returning to life!   

Later this afternoon, the Nature Club spent quite a bit of their walk just in our yard, overturning mulch and rotting leaves in search of ladybugs.  We did eventually get out to find some other spring treasures, but the ladybugs were the hit of today's scavenger hunt!

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