Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Circus gardening

The Selinger crew definitely had looks only a mother could love as we pulled up to our community garden plot after a fabulous spring party hosted by one of the families in our homeschool co-op.  I was dismayed to see that there were several other gardeners out, but thought they would be far enough away not to really get a good look at our painted faces.  I quickly unloaded our gear while the kids hopped out and set to work organizing them with where I wanted them to start digging holes for our tomatillos and Japanese eggplant.

But we must have been noticeable.  The community garden coordinator appeared out of nowhere and mentioned he needed to get a look at our scary faces (his exact words, no lie).  I simply smiled and told him we were kicking off our first time in the garden this year with a circus act.  I think we all had an opportunity to be more child-like and less serious, even if just for a moment.  It did my soul good.

(My facepainting was done by one of our generous hosts this afternoon - I'm a butterfly)
After a few more holes were dug, the kids were off to mingle with others they had met last year.  The were delighted to see the fellow with his bearded dragon and learned more about where these lizards come from and what they like to eat.  They headed off to talk to one of the garden watchdogs and picked some edible weeds (dandelion leaves) under his tutelage.  They were still in full conversation mode as I went to gather them up (leaving quite the impression with my neon painted face).  At least they left me a bit hopeful that our spindly little tomatoes may do alright in the end, and that it really was okay that not everything was in yet. 

There are such wonderful people, of all stripes, at our homeschool co-op and oucommunity garden.  It's a blessing to be a part of it all.

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