Sunday, 12 May 2013


I thought about what I would write in this post about an hour ago, as I listened to my youngest singing herself (and her siblings) to sleep.  This poor little girl whose actions earlier this evening clearly indicated she was two hours overdue for a sleep, yet who was suddenly wide awake.  I couldn't help but smile at her crazy antics.  Then I checked out Facebook and felt a twinge of jealousy as I read about all the amazing things other mamas' families had done to celebrate and honour them.  It took me a moment to find the grace to savour what was wonderful in today... daughter bouncing into my room at 6:15 this morning (6:15!) to give me the Mother's Day present she made for me, which was a binder where she had collected some of her art and other favorite things.  So sweet.

...plenty of time outside in the sunshine with my three babes.

...watching Astrin go down the slide with no one to catch her at the bottom - could it be she's becoming fearless like her big sister?

...feeling elated as I witnessed my son hit a line drive at his baseball practice.

...sitting closely with my lovelies as I checked them for ticks (only found one!)

...enjoying a lovely meal of Chinese take-out with my own mother, and seeing her showered with love by my children as well.

...a late-night phone call with my hubby.

Ah, this mothering journey...this path of nurturing and nourishing bodies, souls, and minds.  It forces us to dig deep sometimes.  It humbles us.  Once it's started, it's never really finished, even as we pass on.  For I'm sure we all feel in our hearts the imprint of what our mothers, and our mothers' mothers, and so many mothers before that wanted for us.  Peace.  Happiness.  Love.

Happy Mother's Day to all the nurturers out there. 

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