Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Life is all around

A little passage to bring comfort today, from Dan Millman's Way of the Peaceful Warrior:

"In that moment, a warm breeze caressed my face, mussed my hair, and a falling leaf slapped my cheek as it floated down from the elm.
"I threw my head back, laughing with delight, and looked up through the elm's outstretched branches, into the clouds drifting lazily by.  I gazed above the stone fence, out over the houses dotted in the green forest below.  The wind gusted again, and a lone bird soared by.
"Then I felt the truth of it.  Socrates hadn't come, because he had never left.  He was only changed.  He was the elm above my head; he was the clouds and the bird and the wind.  They would always be my teachers, my friends.

"Before walking back...I surveyed the world around me.  Socrates was here.  He was everywhere."

Life is all around us, indeed.  It just looks different than its original form.  Sending peace, love and comfort out to little hearts that need it.

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