Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Club Day. The Birds of Prey Version.

Ah, welcome back, Birds of Prey Clubbers!  And a most gracious thank you to my husband, who rescued me from the depths of a killer headache, chills, and nausea to take over the club this afternoon.  While I was out of bed for the club, I wasn't up for the short hike to the school and some of the negotiations that come along with a pack of boys all wanting to do different things.

We welcomed a new Clubber and welcomed back a veteran Clubber today, so we reviewed the Code of Conduct we created at the last meeting. With no adjustments needed, we were good to go with the main part of our meeting.

I've struggled to keep activities fresh for this group of older boys.  While most seem to like crafts in spurts, I don't sense it would be something they would like to do at every meeting.  And I've been wanting to find activities where they can use their bodies and get some of that energy out that I assume must be pent-up from a day sitting in a desk.  At any rate, today we played Birds of Prey charades.  I was hoping the game would get their bodies moving, allow for some free-flow creative thinking, and just be fun.

I think they did have fun, and we all had a few laughs.  Who knew that acting out a vole could be interpreted as a "constipated dog"!  There was lots of wing flapping and collapsing on the floor, as different species and their body parts all seemed to be acted out the same.  We did try to teach them some "shortcuts" to their charades - like showing how to communicate how many words would be acted out and using "sounds like" to give more clues. 

And I'm happy to report that the code was followed to the letter...except when all were shouting out their guesses during our game.  That was a welcome exceptions, however.

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