Monday, 11 March 2013

Return to routine

Ah, welcome Monday.  Yes, a Monday where each of us rose from our own beds and greeted the day in our own special ways.  A Monday where everything returned to normal.  A Monday where we fell back into our routine. 

Last night, Nicholas and I sat down together to look to the week ahead.  I'm amazed at how grounding this simple ritual has become.  And if it wasn't good enough to give us focus, clarity and a roadmap for the week that will be, it has also truly removed much of the conflict that used to arise daily.  The man who wants to be in charge is in charge, and the mama who would like to see him touching on certain subjects is getting her wish.

During our talk, Nicholas decided he wanted to work on the Canadian Heritage badge for Cubs.  He figured out which requirements he wanted to work on and when he would work on them.  Then, we worked out how his plans would fit in context with the rest of our week.  As it turns out, his selections led to a trip to the museum this morning and some drawing by all three of the children.

I'm noticing something happening in this family.  Just like last week at the zoo, I've noticed on the last two trips that we are no longer rushing through the exhibits at the museum either.  We are there for a specific purpose.  We are intentional in which exhibits we look at.  We spend more time searching for the details.  The pace is relaxed.  I enjoy the trips, and my children, more.  Could this be an unforeseen benefit of homeschooling?  Maybe.  I think I like it!

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