Thursday, 21 March 2013

Typical yet special

While today was a seemingly typical day, I'm finding that tonight I need to acknowledge and give thanks to those little things that, while typical, also made today special.  Today...

...we played with friends.
...the tickle trunk burst open and I found myself amongst rabbits and rabbit hunters (but not the Elmer Fudd kind).
...I built a helicopter tractor out of Lego, with the help of my clever son.
...Jaelyn immersed herself in drawing swans.
...Astrin napped!
...Nicholas expanded his cooking repertoire.
...I started devouring Project-Based Homeschooling.  Oh, if only reality could keep up with my ideas for the future!  It's so hard to take baby steps!
...I brew some tea while my husband makes popcorn as we settle into this quiet night together.

Wishing you a peaceful evening!

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  1. glad you’re enjoying the book, sheri! you should check out our forum, too! :)