Monday, 10 December 2012

Silky smooth

Today all of us were in the elving spirit.  Nicholas made some trail mix for his Scout leaders.  Jaelyn and Astrin drew some pictures.  And we all worked together so make some excellent body care items for our loved ones.

All the recipes we're using came from Action Pack:  The Family Apothecary Issue.  While I don't want to spill the beans, as family might be checking in here from time-to-time, I can say that our kitchen smells wonderful and our hands are soft and silky smooth.  We've made three recipes so far, and have had to do a bit of re-melting to get our goodies to the right consistency, but I think that is simply a matter of us learning how packed our solid ingredients need to be to ensure the right mix.  I think we'll be experimenting more in the days ahead to make other delightful items for ourselves and others.  And I think the recipes in this issue will come in handy for Nature Club when we start up our formal activities in January

We were able to pick up all the ingredients we needed for the recipes from our local health food store, who happen to sell an amazing assortment of herbs, dried flowers, butters, and oils.  We are so lucky to have them here!  I was a little worried of what we would do for items that needed to be poured into containers smaller than a half-pint jar, and wound up finding some aluminum tins with plastic or glass lids from our local craft supply wholesaler.  The tins are marketed for storing beads, but they worked just fine for our purposes.  There are also tins that can be bought on Etsy, but we were under a tight timeline and couldn't wait for them to ship here.

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