Saturday, 8 December 2012

Painting day

We enjoyed a very intimate and special holiday variety show with the friends and family of our homeschooling co-op.  I think this is the first holiday concert I've been to where I want to weep with happiness.

Our co-op did a short skit loosely (and I do mean loosely) based on The Trouble with Trolls by Jan Brett.  Each child chose what animal they would be and was responsible for putting together a costume.  One of the mama's narrated the story while the children acted it out.  Then, each child could perform anything of their choice, if they were so inclined.  We had dancing, violin, drums, singing, a poetry recitation...a true variety show!  After, we shared treats, tea and juice, chatted, and further strengthened the bonds of our small but amazing community.

When the concept of what we would do as a group really started to materialize, Nicholas was less than enthusiastic.  One of the other mama's in our group picked up on that and suggested he do some set design.  Then, of course, Nicholas got very intensely involved in designing and constructing his costume, so the set was pushed to the wayside.  Then, Friday began, he was satisfied with his costume, and both he and Jaelyn were excited to start on the set.

I found a sheet at the thrift store and laid it out on the basement floor, and they gathered all their painting supplies.  After that, my sole job was to keep Astrin and the dog out of the basement.  We accomplished that by taping some kraft paper out on the table so that Astrin could paint to.  I, meanwhile, drew some tree pictures that would eventually be stencils for another paint on fabric project.  These trees were intended to hide the kids while they waited for their turn to go on stage, and will later become temporary walls in our basement studio.  The project came out of Imagine Childhood by Sarah Olmsted.

Here's how it all came together (well, how half of it came together):

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