Thursday, 20 December 2012

Gift of time

My husband's family - his parents, grandmother, aunt and his brother's family - have been practicing "the gift of time" for the last six holiday seasons.  It is a time where each family group picks an activity to share with the others in lieu of tangible gifts for the adults. 

This year, snowshoeing, bowling and making paper snowflakes were the activities that were shared.  In past years, we've gone tobogganing, learned how to dance, practiced yoga, played board games, painted, and others.  It is a nice time to enjoy precious moments with the little nephews and niece who live so far away, as well as time in a smaller setting with the adults.  Four generations play together, laugh together, enjoy one another.

We also prepare supper together based on a cuisine picked by one of the family groups.  This year Greek was chosen, and we all were grateful to eat such delicious food with such wonderful company, and that there was plenty for all.

I'll be taking a break from this space to fully enjoy the holiday moments with our families.  We wish you a peaceful, love-filled holiday season filled with many soul-satisfying, joyous moments.

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