Monday, 13 August 2012

A literary twist

Oh my goodness, we just had a bit of fun here.  And I don't know how it even came about.  I guess it was one of those six-year-old things where something seemed like a good idea and it was impulsively acted upon.  We just finished rolling all over the floor mashing the alphabet with yoga.

This is likely the type of thing that veteran homeschoolers do all the time.  I read about something like this in The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas by Linda Dobson.  I think the activity was prefaced that it would be the ideal activity for "kinesthetic" learners.  I haven't really spent a lot of time considering what type of learners my children are, but I do know they like fun!

What was most amazing, besides the body contortions, was how my daughter had to think how the letter looks to her audience before making it.  At least, I hope she was considering it, and not just doing all the letters backwards!  And, I just noticed now, as I looked closely at the pictures, that she was working hard to differentiate between upper and lower case too!

Here she is spelling her name:



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