Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A walk back in time

A few seemingly innocent events happened recently that sent me on a reverie back in time.  The first was a mad search for something in the pantry when I noticed, by chance, a meat grinder hiding the corner.  The second was a plethora of cucumbers in our community garden.  So I decided to make relish.

I have a very vivid memory of my father making relish in the basement.  I remember the meat grinder he used to chop up the vegetables to just-the-right size for relish.  I remember the big green pan that all those ground-up veggies fell into as he turned the handle.  I remember passing him cucumber after cucumber and, eventually, pushing a few of them about half-way down before he took over.  And lastly, I remember lots of homemade relish all year long!

All this slowly floated through my mind as I got up early one morning this week.  I pulled down the meat grinder from it's little hidey-hole.  I found the perfect place to set it up and eventually, a bowl that would fit under it.  I haven't actually used a meat grinder since that time in the basement, so it took a bit of time to figure out how to use it - now that I'm the responsible adult in charge.  And then, I started to turn the handle and crank out what would eventually be our relish.  I marveled at how well-made that meat grinder was.  I smiled as I worked, thinking about that night with my Dad in the basement.  It was like history repeating itself.

I wonder if my children will go through their teens and twenties thinking I am insane for doing all that work when it was simply a matter of making a stop in one of the aisles at the grocery store to pick up a jar.  I also wonder if my kids will find themselves having the same experience I was that morning when they are in their thirties.  I'm betting it will be a little of both.

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