Monday, 7 January 2013

The year to come

After dreaming big and looking backwards, I'm now thinking about goals and ideas that are almost close enough to touch.  These are the things I would like to check off my to-do list in the next year...they are the little baby steps that when put together add up to a lot.  Plus, to satisfy my "business" brain, I think it will be fairly easy to evaluate at the end of the year whether I achieved these goals or if they didn't pan out.

I mentioned yesterday how there were two main challenges I wanted to address this year.  The first was self-care.  To me, self-care means taking care of my body so that it will be stronger and more resilient as I get older.  It means taking care of my mind and heart so that I can greet the day with a smile.  By taking care of myself, I will be better able to take care my little ones.  Staying active and healthy as I get older will also inspire my little ones to take care of themselves, as they see that it is just something that we do in our house - it is normalized.

So what exactly does taking better care of myself look like?  First, it looks like going to bed at a more reasonable hour.  That way, I can get up 45 minutes earlier to fit in a workout before the children get up.  My workouts are varied - I alternate between doing yoga and either running or spinning.  To keep me motivated, I'm planning to sign up for a mini triathlon (scheduled for June) and a 10 kilometer run (scheduled for September).

I also want to give more attention to my relationship with my husband.  We've been like two ships passing in the night, which isn't a good way to keep something good strong.  Part of it has been increased travel and a new role on his end, and mine has been squeezing those hours after the children go to bed for all their worth.  We're working on setting aside at least one night a month to go out together...alone.  Date nights for January and February are set.   We've also planned a family vacation for March, which will help us all connect a little better with this wonderful man in our lives.

What else is on the list for this year?  There are plans to expand the garden and process more of our food this year (as we try to help the Earth just a little more).  I'm planning to enjoy working with my hands by knitting up a sweater for me, sewing some awesome clothes for little ones here who continue to grow, and continuing to make homemade gifts for our loved ones (sending out lots of love vibes to those we hold dear).  It is my wish to continue learning this homeschooling gig with my children (because really, the world must be a better place in that very instant that a child is born, and it's up to us to model parenting and give them a childhood worth savouring so the next generation can benefit as well).

Yes, this list of goals for the year will lead to full days.  If something comes up and a goal needs to be postponed to another time, that's fine.  The definition of success may need to be adjusted to accommodate whatever life has thrown at us.  The goals aren't meant to restrict grabbing opportunities when they come up or be so inflexible that I feel bound and chained by them.  The point of the goals is to provide some focus and direction when making decisions about how I use my time.  Like I said, these are my small baby steps towards that life vision.    

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