Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Cooperative games

We have an interesting mixture of personalities when it comes to playing games.  There are some that get very upset when things don't work out exactly as planned, there are some who like helping their fellow competitors, and there are others who thrive on being cunning.  While I would love for everyone to be happy and helpful every time we play a game, that's just not where we're at right now.

So, imagine how heart-happy this mama is when we break out a cooperative game.  What is a cooperative game, you ask?  Well, essentially, all the players are on the same team and have a common goal that they need to work together collaboratively to achieve.  Sharing is strongly encouraged, as is discussing strategy.   We have a couple of these games, both designed by Family Pastimes, and they can be challenging to successfully complete.

The latest game to enter our game cupboard is called Let's Go Hiking.  In a nutshell, the objective of the game is for the hikers to take as many pictures of wildlife, while simultaneously trying not to scare the animals away.  There are problems to be solved too and the hiking group eventually needs to make it to the guest lodge before nightfall. 

We cracked out this game for the first time today, and enjoyed our time together.  The game takes less than an hour to complete, there are a few learning opportunities scattered amongst the strategy, and everyone gets to participate in a meaningful way.  While the game is rated for children older than 9, we found that Jaelyn had no problem contributing in our team setting.

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful 2013 full of new discoveries, old favorites, and time shared together.

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