Monday, 14 January 2013

A peaceful compromise

Here we were today, all four of us gathered in the bathroom as we finished getting ready for the day - teeth brushed, hair combed, me wrestling with a little one's diaper as she tried to climb on the potty.  The children were about to start their quiet time work - no morning walk today as it really is too frigid (-30C). 

I asked Nicholas what he would work on today.  He mentioned he would work on Language Lessons, he would like to play a math game, and he wasn't sure what his writing work would look like.  I mentioned looking at the next Writing Strands lesson, for he might like it - he was to write about a friend.  He got a look of fear in his eyes, then brightened up.  "What if I made a game?"

I hesitated, feeling my gut twist up a bit and my mind revving its engine.  How was a game writing?  But I resisted the urge to blurt out the question and responded curiously instead with, "What kind of game?"

"I don't know....what about a math game?" Nicholas answered.

Still not sure how he was tying writing into this game, I asked, "What will you write about?"

"The instructions.  And I'll need to make cards with the questions on them, and the cards will tell the person how many spaces to move if they get the question right.  And I'll need to make a game board."  Nicholas replied, his voice sounding more excited and his eyes sparkling just a bit more as he continued to formulate what his game would look like.

Both of us satisfied, he went off to his room to start his quiet time work while I finished getting Astrin ready for the day and headed downstairs to help Jaelyn. 

Later, Nicholas brings down the instructions he's written.  I ask him how he would like us to go through the words he had trouble spelling.  This time, he would like to go through it together, admitting that there were a few words he had trouble with.  We go through spelling and punctuation, have a few giggles along the way, then he heads back upstairs to make the cards and board.

Peace ensues.  What a great feeling.


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