Thursday, 3 January 2013

Settling back in

The holiday season that was threw quite the kink into our normal routine.  Late bedtimes meant late risers.  While I'm so thankful that we're able to let our children sleep in and get the rest they need, I do feel the need to get on with the day, and that we're missing part of it if we aren't moving soon after the sun rises (which I must admit, I am happily enjoying right now as I write this post and sip on a cup of tea).

Today, my husband heads back to work, so the sleep-ins are definitely over for two of us.  Yesterday, we celebrated the last day of our holiday together by going snowshoeing.  It was a relatively tepid day in our part of the world, and there was enough snow for us to blaze our own trail in the park, which is always fun (and a little tiring).  We hid amongst the trees like animals, evaded the enemy in another scene from the war of 1812, and became naturalists when we found parts of a fallen wasp nest.  When all were done, we headed for home and enjoyed a cup of tea, some nuts, and cookies.  It was a pretty good way to end our holiday together.

Stay tuned for our dreams for 2013!

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