Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Now that the excitement of parties and a holiday weekend are behind us, I'm feeling grateful for the space in this week.  The calendar is fairly empty, while I know that the week after this one is overflowing and is more than one person can handle on her own (my hubby is out of town that week).  So, today I want to spend some of this free time planning for the week that will be upon us soon.  I'm...

  ...writing up lesson plans for the four learning sessions I'll be facilitating next week.  I only do these when there will be a larger group of children, and often when we are outside our home and things need to be packed and taken with us.

  ...putting together a grocery list for this week and for next so that we can easily pick up everything we need to nourish these bodies of ours.

  ...brainstorming story ideas for the next Birds of Prey Club meeting.

  ...calling relatives for help on the days or evenings I can't do by myself.

  ...preparing packing lists so my children can pack things for themselves.

  ...doing a bit of knitting to calm some of the anxiety that is slowly starting to seep into my day as I think of the week ahead.

  ...getting excited for our local homeschooling convention as I peruse the workshop descriptions and get ideas from my children for the types of books, activities, or resources they'd like me to bring home with me.

  ...vowing to be in bed earlier tonight, and this week.

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