Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Healing ourselves

We've been battling a bit of a flu bug here for almost a week.  Fortunately, it's only hit one person at a time, so while it feels slightly prolonged, there have also been moments where we have all been well enough to escape the house and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.

Now, though, the last of our stash of homemade apple juice is gone.  And authentic soup stock for home made chicken noodle soup was non-existent.  So, I roasted up a chicken for supper last night (which two of the five Selingers happily ate), then started on making a stock.  I am aware of the irony of cooking up a Sunday night style supper simply to get to those bones, but it made sense at the time (particularly since the chicken had been thawing in the fridge since Sunday, when I thought most of us had escaped the flu bug).

I'll be honest, soup isn't my favorite thing, and neither is making stock.  To me, it smells horrific and I'm convinced the smell was fuel enough for a headache last night.  But when I strained it into jars, I imagined all the healing goodness that would soon be entering those little (and big) bodies.  My mind also wandered off to consider other little things we can do to strengthen our immune systems, like reducing the amount of sugar we consume and adding fermented foods.  While we won't be eating sauerkraut everyday, I just might pull a small bag of it out of the freezer for sampling.

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