Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Club Day. The Birds of Prey Version.

Our meeting this week was a little like watching paint dry.  Except we were watching glue dry...really.  We continued on with building our ornithopters (more on that here).  At least along with watching all that glue dry, we have the body built and will be connecting the wings to the body next meeting.

The other wonderful thing that came out of sitting around watching glue dry was the space and time to scheme.  A door to ancient Egypt, with its folklore of Gods and heroes, was opened to one of our Clubbers, and he delightfully shared some of the allure of times long ago with the rest of the Club.  Which led to talk of Greek mythology.  Which then led to a drawing session where they created their own mythological Gods.  Which finally led to role-playing of their mythological world in our backyard.

I love watching how an idea grows organically into something tangible, with each child's own distinct fingerprint left clearly visible for all to see.  How they naturally gravitate to working out the details on paper, so they all can understand what one envisions their characters to embody...its essence and its physical being as well.  How they want to move beyond the two-dimensional form to fully living and breathing their character.  I'm feeling foolish for being in their way for so long.

Don't worry boys, I'll be out of your way soon.

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