Monday, 8 July 2013

The notebook

Magic can happen when little hands find their way to a small notebook with a cute puppy on the front.  This is what my husband and I discovered this weekend after our daughter toted her prize notebook home from the library.  The library was holding a summer reading contest, and the notebook was a prize for completing four hours of reading.

The magic in that notebook transformed my lovely seven-year-old into a sweet waitress who painstakingly made up menus for her guests, set the table, and served us our three-course supper with a smile.  She refused to eat with us at the table because she was working, instead choosing to eat once all our dishes were cleared off.  She somberly told me that I would not have to pay because I cooked the food, but that everyone would have to pay a dollar for their meal. 

We had a repeat performance the next morning, too, for breakfast.  Oh, how I love when these spontaneous bursts of learning happen right before my eyes!

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