Monday, 29 July 2013

Little orange success

My former workplace focussed on celebrating successes.  Big or little, corporate-wide or individually, success was something to be acknowledged.

After I came home from the garden last night, I didn't think there would be much to celebrate, now or any other time this year.  There was more that needed to be weeded than not.  There were some plants that weren't looking too healthy, and many that looked too little for this time of the season.  It appears that we will be heading to the farmer's market yet again for vegetables to sustain us for this week.  Kind of depressing stuff.

I returned to the garden this morning with the goal to weed the pickling cukes and the carrots.  That goal is now accomplished!  But even better was what I brought home with me...

I can't remember if I wrote about our carrot failure last year, when we were successful at growing only one single, solitary carrot.  And this year, why there are carrots in need of thinning!  For goodness sake, this is the first year that we've grown more than one carrot...ever!  Those I picked today will saddle up to the table for one meal. 

So celebrate I will.  I will wash one of those carrots carefully and bite into it.  In fact, I will savour it, and chew slower than I ever have in my life.  That carrot will get the treatment normally only reserved for chocolate.  We did manage to coax some goodness from the earth after all.  We have carrots!

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