Sunday, 21 July 2013


Our weekend and the week ahead were planned out months ago.  We were to go to a wedding on Saturday and then head out to a nearby lake and provincial park in the week that followed.  I've been planning and cooking meals to feed 12, with my husband's family joining us at the lake.  I was daydreaming about dressing up and dancing with my loves while packing fishing rods and crafting things, raincoats and swimsuits. 

Things sometimes don't turn our exactly as we planned, though.  My son became sick and is still laying on the couch with a fever and no appetite.  So instead of wedding festivities, I got dressed up anyway, did some crafting and dined on takeout with a girlfriend who came over to keep me company.  Instead of heading out to the lake with the rest of the family today, Nicholas and I are hanging out at home, listening to the football game.  There's a pot of chicken broth on the stove, when he's up for taking a sip or two.  I'm enjoying a simple meal of the little odds and ends that happen to have been left behind after the others left.  Hopefully we will head out tomorrow on the bus.  If not, we'll keep on waiting this fever out until it breaks.    

It's been amazingly quiet around here.  And in the midst of the quiet has come the space to experiment in new territory...

   ...playing with shibori as I prepare a birthday present (instructions from the Living Crafts summer 2012 issue, silk scarf from Thai Silks)

   ...trying out quilting as I make a floor mat for our kitchen or bathroom (the Little River Rug pattern from Reinvention, material from our old holey jeans)

   ...reading up on beekeeping, as we've discovered beekeeping is legal in our city (cozying up to Beekeeping:  A Practical Guide and Urban Beekeeping while sipping on iced tea on the porch tonight).

I'm hopeful for a healthy week ahead of us.

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