Wednesday, 19 September 2012


As we continue on this learning journey together, I'm compelled to notice the amazingness that is my children.  Was it there all along?  I think so - I just don't know if it was buried by all the tensions they faced in getting through a day, or if it is that we are together more and live at a slower pace that I can take the time to notice it.

Today, my children found a mouse in our garage.  I was disgusted, and simply wanted to let my husband deal with it - I deal with creepy-crawlies of the eight-legged variety in our house and he deals with all the others.

That was not to be however.  My children insisted this little visitor have a proper burial.  A grave was dug, the tiny body was covered, crosses were made, inscriptions were written, and they were placed in just the right place.  A quiet moment of silence, followed by a wish that the little creature find its way to heaven and be happy there.

Yes, they have as much to teach me as I have to teach them.  Today, they reminded me that all things, both big and small, deserve respect.

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