Saturday, 18 January 2014

Looking way out. Or not too far out at all.

I was challenged to imagine my children in adulthood.  What would I like them to be like?  How would I like them to feel?  Here's what I came up with:
There is a look of confidence and happiness in my children's eyes.  They know who they are and what they stand for.  My children walk with peaceful purpose - they don't feel the need to rush, but they don't dawdle either.  Their bodies are strong.
They show their interest in others by holding a calm, steady gaze with those they are engaged in conversation with.  They share a kind smile with all they see.  They are liked, respected and trusted.  They give generously and receive graciously.  They are a considerate partner to the person they choose to spend their lives with.
My children are curious about how the world works and know how to find answers to their questions.  They are skilled at looking information up using technology or books, and they can also talk to people or observe the world around them.  They are wise because they have seen much and learned much and experienced much.
My children enjoy being in nature. 
My children have discovered how they best express themselves...verbally, artistically, in written word.  They think before they express themselves, and they are thoughtful and articulate.  While they won't fear expressing themselves, they are considerate of the impact their message will have on others.
As I read this, I wonder if we'll ever get there from where we are now.  And while they hold quite a bit of responsibility for who they turn into and their own happiness, there is also a lot of modelling we can do for them as parents.  Perhaps what I would like for them is what I also wish to be. 

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