Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The brighter side

Okay, I'm through the tired groaning of my last post.  While still busy, I've been able to shed the negative feelings that came along with all that tiredness and can now see the brighter side of the homemaking I do.  How can one not see the goodness being passed on to my little ones when shown their smiling, happy faces?

I have recalibrated things a bit too.  A trip to the playground after picking veggies.  A hike and some quiet art time.  Reading bedtime stories. 

I'm not going to bed earlier yet, but that will come soon.  The Earth is preparing for its rest after an abundant gardening season.  I can see and feel the subtle changes.  Despite the scorching days, the evenings are cool.  The trees are starting to change from a vibrant green to a mellow yellow.  They are starting to lose their leaves.  All too soon we will be enjoying the abundance we put up.

One of the most rewarding (and perhaps unexpected) things my eyes have been opened to is that the children have ample time for their own projects while I work in the garden and kitchen.  They have no worries of me whisking them off to the science centre, museum or library and they have all the space they need to get their hands and minds following their interests.  I am still available to them when they need guidance or advice.  And they are growing their talents and finding different avenues to practice new and old skills alike.  They are learning how to learn on their own.  They are creating.  They are in a safe place.  There is plenty of time and space for them to just be who they are in the present moment.  In recalibrating, I have increased my awareness of what is going on around me, and it is amazing.

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