Saturday, 22 June 2013

Summer solstice

I lamented about how we had difficulty celebrating the spring equinox, and we worked extra-hard to make the summer solstice special.  Here's what was going on around our house yesterday...

I made the children summer painting books.  The cover is made of felt and the pages are canvas.  The project came from Alphabet Glue.  These books greeted the children at the table in the morning.

After breakfast, we made whipper-whoppers, which is basically a paper propeller on a string.  The project came from All Year Round, and was in the "toys for summer air" section of the book.  Once the children finished making their whipper-whoppers, they ran up and down the street with their toys whirling behind them.  Then they hung them in the tree at the corner of our house.  Then they sipped some sweet iced tea and enjoyed a picnic lunch outside.

In the afternoon, we went to the playground, but not before the children began constructing a campground and I made a flying streamer bag (also from All Year Round).  I decided to use long fabric strips from my scrap fabric basket instead of crepe paper.  While the beanbag won't make the same noises without the crepe paper, I wanted it to be more durable.

While at the playground, the children built a sand fort, inspired somewhat by the Halifax Citadel we visited almost a year ago.  Astrin swung and slid, and there was so much joy and happiness surrounding us on this lovely summer afternoon.

The children finished their campground while I cooked supper...there was a dining shelter, children's games and activities, and of course the admission gate!

Welcome summer!

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