Monday, 24 June 2013

My cheerleaders

This weekend, I did my first ever try-a-tri, or mini-triathlon.  It was a 300 yard swim, followed by a 12 kilometer bike ride, and finished off with a 3 kilometer run.  In a bid to get myself in shape, I had enrolled in a triathlon 101 class last fall.  At the time, I had no goal to compete in a race, though I new that entering one would help me keep up with training.  As training continued, I began to think I could complete one of these introductory races.  I knew that I had little chance of winning one - after all, my legs are quite content to move at toddler speed.  But I wanted to see how it felt just to do all of the events and finish a race.  I entered one on a whim.  And then race day was here. 

Early in the morning, I rolled out of bed and took one final peek into my backpack to make sure I had everything.  All was quiet in the house when I left.  I cruised the quiet streets to the pool, wondering if Chris would wake up and successfully rouse the others from their slumber as he mentioned he hoped to do.  When race time rolled around, it was impossible to see if they actually made it.

Fast forward through the swim and the last stretch of the first lap on the bike.  There they were!  With signs and cheers and smiles.  Oh, it made this mama's heart leap for joy.  I couldn't stop waving at them every time I passed them.  Thank you, sweet family of mine!

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