Friday, 22 June 2012

Grade 1 math...our style

I was privileged to enjoy my daughter's company as we sat in the stands for our favorite CFL football team's preseason game tonight.  All was exciting and fun for the first quarter, and then my 6 year old lost interest.  To bring her back every now and again, we did math.  This is right up her alley.  She's the one who wanted to do math worksheets when we were on summer vacation last year.  She likes doing math problems when we do dishes together.  It keeps her happy and somewhat engaged, so we do it.

First, we practiced number recognition.  I'd ask her the number of the player who caught the ball, kicked a field goal, made a tackle, or was on the big screen for posterity's sake.  Soon, she was volunteering this information on her own.

As the game went on, we'd do some adding when points were scored.  We tried to finish our adding before the announcer volunteered the score for us.  And, if he beat us, then we'd do some subtraction by figuring out how many points we were up or down.

And the game was great too.  Here's to a great season - go Riders!

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